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The selected currency is used for all monetary fields for the property.

Everyone can see this headline, so be sure to make the text anonymous.

Here you can specify detailed information about the property that was not used in the matching. Everyone can see this description, so be sure to make the text anonymous.

The risk class (expected purchase price factor) is automatically calculated based on the purchase price and the current yearly net rent.

Enter a 0 if it is a parking garage, gas station or similar property for which the rental space has less importance.

  • * Property type




    Production and logistics

    Mixed use

    Nursing homes

    Health use

    Auto, gas station, parking



    Public use

    Renewable energies




  • * Development stage of property

    Existing buildings

    Land under development

    Equity or mezzanine capital

    Fund share offers

    Debt incl. non-performing loans

  • * Risk class (expected purchase price factor)

The address is visible to others only after an explicit release to the partner. Without approval, the anonymity of the address takes place, so that only the city can be seen. For objects over €25 million, only the country can be seen.